Reduce Risk in the Cloud:  Cavirin Automates Cloud Security Compliance

"Cloud security and compliance failures are virtually inevitable when organizations make the naive assumption that clouds can “take care of themselves.” Gartner, Inc. 

Cloud security  is still one of the major issues for Cloud adoption in regulated industies.  The security cloud_wp_thumb3.pngchallenges presented by the Cloud cannot be addressed with the traditional security monitoring tools and processes used for on-premise and VM infrastructures of yesterday.  In addition, public Cloud vendors (AWS, Google and Microsoft) are not willing to take on the full responsibility of keeping your data secure (e.g. Shared Responsibility Model)--so now what?

To handle these challenges, Cavirin provides a Continuous Security Compliance platform that integrates with  the public cloud provider’s existing tools in a DevOps-friendly way, supplementing them for cloud security and providing complete integration and reporting of today's CIS Security Benchmarks,  so not only can you see the  holes in your security but we can tell you how to fix them.  

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